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How tattoo's are created

The tattoo artist creates a tattoo using a tattoo gun that moves a needle in and out of the skin at high speed. With each time the needle penetrates the skin a small amount of tattoo ink is deposited under the skin. The tattoo gun moves the needle at speeds of two to three thousand times per minute to inject the tattoo dye into the skin.

Tattoo's on the lower back and Tribal designs are very popular these days.

Tattoo artists always use sterile equipment

Tattoo safety is an important factor when choosing the tattoo parlour or artist you want to create your tattoo. Due to the fact that to create the tattoo the tattoo needle has to puncture the skin these can leave you open to infection. Do not worry though, as most tattooists place high priority on safety and cleanliness. All equipment is sterile and new needles are used for every client. You should witness the tattooist opening a new needle from its packaging in front of your eyes before beginning your tattoo. Even the tattoo inks and ink holders are supplied in small packages for one use only.

Celtic designs and chinese symbols tattoo's are popular styles.

Tattoo aftercare is important during the healing period

Once completed your new tattoo will be cleaned and your tattoo artist will usually recommend keeping the area covered for the next hour or more. Most tattooists will supply some information on tattoo aftercare and may offer some tattoo ointment such as Tattoo Goo. Moisturising ointments commonly available from the chemist or pharmacy can be used on your new tattoo or specially designed tattoo treatments should be available at your tattoo parlour. Taking good care of your tattoo in the early stages will help keep the design sharp for the future.

Choosing the correct Tattoo Design is very important

Tattoo removal is possible via laser tattoo removal but in general your tattoo will be with you for life so choose your design wisely. Many people have an idea of their chosen design in their head before even visiting a tattoo parlour. Other people may pick a tattoo from the many tattoo designs available to view in the tattoo parlour. Take time to select the right design to match your personal preferences and you will have a tattoo to be proud of now as well as in the future.

To help find the design for you we recommend you view a large gallery of tattoos and designs from tribal tattoos through various styles to cross designs.

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